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Join the Farm!'s CSA runs year-round which means you can get delicious, local, farm-fresh produce summer, fall, winter, and spring!   Our beautiful farm is located in Santa Paula.  The diversity of crops in the field helps keeps our soil healthy, pests under control, and gives you a variety of vegetables to eat healthfully and deliciously all week long.  We balance our CSA shares with roots like carrots and beets, salad vegetables like lettuce and spinach, cooking greens like chard and kale, herbs, citrus from local organic citrus farms, hass avocados from a local sustainable ranch, and seasonal farm offerings like cabbage and broccoli in the winter, artichokes and strawberries in the spring, squash, tomatoes and peppers in the summer, and winter squash in the fall. 

CSA Subscription Types:
LARGE SHARE:  $40/Large-sized box (15-20 produce items), choose weekly or bi-weekly delivery
REGULAR SHARE: $20/Regular-sized box (7-10 produce items), choose weekly or biweekly delivery

SUBCRIPTION PURCHASING PLANS:  Purchase four, eight, or twelve weeks of CSA boxes at a time!  

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Community Supported Agriculture is a beautiful way of building a direct relationship between the farmer, farm, and customer (you!). Purchasing a Join the Farm! CSA membership ensures our farm can continue to grow and thrive, farm land in Ventura County stays agricultural, and our members receive high quality, fresh, and delicious organically grown produce! For more information on our CSA including pick up sites, box info, and general CSA info, click here.